BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

Suggest source

Please complete the following steps to suggest a source to be indexed by BASE.

1. Is the source already indexed?

Thousands of sources (e-journals, institutional repositories etc.) are indexed by BASE.
Firstly, please check if the source - or documents from the source - are already included in BASE.

If you have found documents from the source but have questions concerning the index status, contact us.

2. The source is not indexed yet?

You haven't found any documents from the source? There are some requirements for indexing a source by BASE:

  1. The source has to contain academic content.
  2. At least some documents from the source are available as open access (full texts free of charge, without registration).
  3. The metadata of the docments are provided via a valid OAI-PMH interface.

Validate the OAI interface

Validate the OAI interface of the source using our OAI-PMH validator OVAL. If error messages (not just warnings) occur, it might not be possible to index the source.
If you have any questions, please contact us.

3. Validation successful?

The OAI interface was successfully validated and the source is not indexed yet?
Now you may suggest the source to be indexed by BASE!

Suggest new source